Odd Breed Wild Ales is a small brewery focused on the production of wild ales and farmhouse ales in Pompano Beach, Florida.  At Odd Breed Wild Ales, all of our beers are fermented with our unique mixed culture of wild yeast and bacteria, and aged in oak barrels.  We make beers inspired by our favorite Lambics and Farmhouse ales of Belgium, yet our focus is on creating unique barrel aged wild ales, many of which utilize Florida’s vast array of fresh citrus and tropical fruit.

Odd Breed is located in a small, air-conditioned building in Old Town Pompano Beach, and has a small tasting room on site.  Initial plans do not include a brewhouse; instead we brew our recipes at other local breweries and then transport the wort back to our facility for fermentation, barrel aging, blending and packaging.


We will be brewing three beers year round to start, with the potential of adding more beers to the portfolio, including a variety of seasonal and one-off beers.  Our beers are driven by experimentation and curiosity—we aren’t afraid to brew something atypical, but we also aren’t afraid to dump bad beer.  We don’t brew trendy or gimmicky beer; we don’t use food coloring, and you will never see the words ‘natural flavors’ on any of our beers because we don’t use flavor extracts.  Brewing on the small, artisanal level is our passion, because it allows us to brew the beers we love.  We don’t skimp on ingredients or process, and our products take months and sometimes years before they are ready.  Our beer is not easy to make and it is very labor intensive, but we think it is worth the effort.  We hope you like to drink the beers we like to make!

Our initial bottled offerings will include the following:


Wild Wit

Equally inspired by traditional Belgian Farmhouse Ales and German Berliner Weisse, this sour wheat ale is brewed with imported Pilsener malt, malted and unmalted wheat, and flaked oats.  Hopped exclusively with fresh Motueka hops from New Zealand and subtly spiced with Indian coriander and Florida orange zest.  Citrusy, tropical, tart, and lightly oaked with a refreshing finish.  Aged in large French Oak puncheons.  4.8%  12 IBU  Moderate Acidity.



Past & Future Saison

Past & Future is our remake of a classic Belgian farmhouse ale, inspired by what we imagine Saisons may have tasted like in the early 1900s. Our mixed culture fermentation delivers tropical fruit esters and spicy phenols with Brettanomyces funk accompanied by light to moderate acidity. Tannins contributed from aging in French oak barrels provide balance and depth. This citrusy, dry, tart, and refreshing beer is great for the climate in Florida.  Brewed with imported Pilsener malt, spelt, oats, and rye; hopped with fresh Czech Saaz and aged German Hallertau. 5.5% ABV 18 IBU  Light to Moderate Acidity.



Wild Gold

Our Wild Gold is blended from our oldest and funkiest barrels to create a complex wild ale.  Brewed with imported Pilsener malt, unmalted wheat, spelt, and oats, and hopped with aged German Hallertau hops.  Lots of funk, lots of tannins, and firm acidity make this a complex wild ale that also serves as a base beer to age with fresh tropical fruit or dry hopping with citrusy and tropical hop varietals.  6.5%  15 IBU  Moderate to High Acidity.



Other Beers

In addition to our three year round beers, we will also have darker versions of the Saison and Wild Gold occasionally available, as well as versions of the Saison and Wild Gold that are dry hopped or have fruit added.  We will have beers from our ‘Fresh off the Farm’ series which will feature blends of farmhouse and wild ales aged with local Florida fruit.